Das Projekt ist im Rahmen eines Forschungssemesters zum Thema
-Gendersensibles Design- entstanden und wird von 25.09. - 03.10.2020 in der Ausstellung "GENDERSENSIBEL! - Design für Räume, Produkte und Debatte" auf der Vienna Design Week gezeigt.


STRIZZIS is an approach to a gender-neutral toy which wants to improve free expression of imagination and emotions in kids. It consists of 6 building blocks with different haptic add-ons and features. 

The project was realised during a research semester under the topic of “Gendersensibles Design”. We found out that there are still too many existing stereotypes which lead to gender differences in the way kids perceive and express feelings. As Kindergartens and playful interactions are often places where many different emotions and therefore stereotypes intertwine, we focused on creating a toy which can be subtle implemented in any room. The forms are both, easily stackable and made to be used in an unlimited variety of constellations thanks to an implementation of Velcro fasteners on the surface. Our approach was to use shapes, colours and materiality that kids are already familiar and confident with to create an easy and trusting play environment.

Finally, our main goal was to help raising awareness that specific emotions are not bound to gender. We think, that this has to be taught from a very young age to look towards a more gender-sensitive future.

Design: Teresa Egger & Magdalena Manigatter
Umsetzung: Svea Handle / Hanoj Kids