Ready. SËT. We go!
I am full of gratitude and excitement that I can finally announce to be part of the founding team of SËT, an ethical label for handcrafted interior items and kids fashion.
After months of work and preparation, our onlineshop just launched and we cannot wait for you to see all the thought-through fashion and interior items we designed for mini, you and home: 

The first steps towards the diploma are taken. Until then: Play everyday. 

Symbolic picture: Pandemic fatigue.
Taken in Lousiana Museum last summer. 

The new year started off lighter.
At first, I felt them Marie Kondo kinda vibes and sorted out three bags of ballast aka. old clothes for a new project. Then, putting effort into giving  recycled masterbatches a precious, second life was rewarded by Gabriel Chemie.

The Strizzis just returned home from Vienna Design Week, 
but another kiddo is ready to go again. This time SCULLA, the porcelain lamp, was chosen to be part of the Universities Virtual BEST OF exhibition. It is showing from 23/10/2020.  

We are very excited that our project Strizzis was chosen to be part of the exhibition "Gendersensitive Design" at Vienna Design Week.
Showing from 28/09-04/10/2020.
The symposium to the exhibition takes place 2/10/2020. 

The month started off with a tight schedule:
Burn. Glace. Burn. On repeat.

Concrete walls, porcelain parts, bright light:
The former Wilhelmsburg Dishware Factory
as the perfect location for the final
presentation of the porcelain semester.
Thats my lights.
I feel lighter now, too.

Feeling them unround circles a lot these days. The molds for the porcelain lamps are ready and first slipcasting trials were made. The final is close. 

As a commissioned work for the city of Feldkirch/Austria, 25 SEILSCHAFTEN stools found a beautiful new home. During a public action in the old town in July 2020, passengers were invited to build up a wooden stool. The stools could then be carried around the city, passed on to someone or clamped together for enjoying a rest together. The goal was to create a dynamic atmosphere and to bring people back together after the first pandemic lock-down. After a joyful weekend, the stools found a permanent home in three different design shops or cafes around the city where they can still be used or rented out.