Ludo, 2021

Ludo is a hybrid between play furniture and side table. Modifiable with a literal flick of the wrist, every 90-degree turn offers a different usage ranging from side table to rocking object to a toy for fantasy play. The aim was to create a piece of furniture that appeals to children and adults alike in both, its function and aesthetics and that doesnt have to be tucked away in a kids corner after being used.

The project addresses the problem that play is often seen as a redundant activity in productive everyday life. This not only leads to a tendency to seperate kids and adult spaces but also to overlook children in the design of everyday objects. It is made from bend plywood + oak veneer produced in a mold press.

> winner EIN&ZWANZIG award 2022
> nominee Pure Talents Contest 2022
> jury selection Kids Design Award 2021