In mountain sports, a Seilschaft (engl. "roped party") means a group of at least 3 people that are clamped together on one shared rope to be prevented from falling. This stool design works in a similar way: Three wooden boards are hold together with a simple joint connection and a rope. Thanks to the elasticity of the rope and a simple expanding mechanism, several stools can be clamped together vertically or horicontally to build a bench or shelf. The stool can be build up in a few seconds and can be flatpacked for easy shipping.

AVAILABLE HERE or upon request´╗┐


Seilschaft in Feldkirch: 
In summer 2020, 25 stools found a new home in the city of Feldkirch/Austria. During a public workshop, passengers were invited to build up a Seilschaft. The stools could then be carried around the city, passed on to someone or clamped together for enjoying a rest together. The goal was to create a dynamic atmosphere and to bring people back together after the first pandemic lock-down. After a joyful weekend, the stools found a permanent home in three different design shops or cafes around the city where they can still be used or rented out.