For the city of Feldkirch/Austria, the Seilschaft was redesigned and found a beautiful new home. During a public action in the old town in July 2020, passengers were invited to build up a wooden stool. The stools could then be carried around the city, passed on to someone or clamped together for enjoying a rest together. The goal was to create a dynamic atmosphere and bring people back together after the pandemic lock-down. After a joyful weekend, the stools found a permanent home in three different design shops or cafes around the city where they can still be used or rented out.

BRINGT NEUE STÜHLE IN DIE STADT! Was in der Zeit des Corona-Lockdowns auffällig wurde, war eine Erkenntnis von zeitloser…

Gepostet von Stadt Feldkirch am Donnerstag, 6. August 2020